Hot Tub & Heating Installation, Maintenance 
and Repair

Air Conditioning Installation, Maintenance
and Repair

Maintenance, Service and Inspection


Air Filtration / 
Air Quality

Filters, Accessories and Parts



Air Conditioning Installation, Maintenance and Repair

We offer fast and reasonable prices for installations, maintenance and repairs of air conditioning systems. We ensure you have a variety of options for maximizing the system’s efficiency while ensuring energy is conserved. The company employees listen to every query and focus to solve the problem. We use all the available expertise and advanced technology to solve the query.



Heating Installation, Maintenance and Repair

We are committed to ensuring customer gets quality heating system installation quickly making sure it has correct specification and size with the correct efficiency. We understand that heating maintenance needs to be done routinely for maximum efficiency of the heating system. Our company handles repairs for any heating systems from any company. We understand that zoning in heating systems is essential because not all rooms require the same temperature when using a heating system.

Maintenance, Service and Inspection

We handle inspection services for all models of air conditioning and heating systems. We offer the service by advising on purchases that are best suited for your needs as the customer.  We do system tuneups in order to increasing systems efficiency.


We understand that onsite repairs of both air conditioning and heating system need to be fast. Replacements of the systems are done to customer’s specification but under the complete guidance of the expert guidance of the company’s technicians.

Energy Efficiency 

When it comes to energy efficiency, the company can help a customer conserve energy to a maximum. This will highly reduce the amount spent on costs of using several systems in both commercial and residential settings. We do this through an energy audit to ascertain where most of the energy is lost and try to save. We also do duct sealing and cleaning. For solar units, energy efficiency is paramount to achieve it maximum potential.

Air Filtration / Air Quality

For any air cleaning services, this company can be depended on. We handle filtration systems for industrial, commercial, residential or hospitality. The systems we handle include exhaust filtration, residential air filtration, dust collector and smoke filters among others.

Filters, Accessories and Parts

The company partners with various manufacturing companies to ensure spares and parts are easily available for any of air conditioners or heating system. The parts are genuine. Just name the part, the company, and your air-conditioning or heating system is repaired.

Commercial Services

The Company has the capability to handle commercial air conditioning systems and heating systems. The do all installations, maintenance and repairs. The team is knowledgeable with all manner of aspects relating to air conditioning and heating system for commercial purposes.